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Pull-Out Hoses for Kitchen & Bath

Supply hoses for kitchens and bathrooms. We offer all the major American and over-seas manufacturers.

Faucet Adapters, Diverters & Fittings

Spout Adapters, Faucet Diverters, Couplers & Fittings, Aerators

Water Filters & Rep. Cartridges

WATER FILTERS:  Countertop Filters, Cuno Aquapure Shower Filters, Shower Filters, Whole-House Filters, Under-Sink Filters, Point-of-Use Filters, Drinking Water Systems, Water Conditioning Systems.

Drinking Fountain Cartridges

Drinking fountain cartridges are one of the most commonly replaced parts in a drinking fountain. They function as both an on/off valve and a flow regulator.

Balancing Spools and Related Items

Balancing spools are devices that help balance the pressure in the Moentrol rough-in valve.

2-Handle Ceramic Cartridges

We carry a full-line of 2-handle ceramic cartridges representing all the major manufacturers, both foreign and domestic.

Single Lever Cartridges

Single Handle Ceramic Disc Cartridge with Limit Stop.

Compression stems

Compression Stems

We carry a large selection of faucet compression stems.

Bath & Shower Diverters

Shower Arm Diverter Valve or Shower System Component Replacement Parts.

Professional Grade Faucets

Commercial-grade faucets & sinks.

Kitchen Pull-Out Spouts

Kitchen Pull-Out Spouts

Pull-Out Sprayheads.

Single Lever Handles

We carry a full-line of single lever handles for single lever faucets representing all major manufacturers.

Toilet Flappers & Balls

Replace your Toilet Flappers and Tank Balls.

Tub Spouts

We have a large selection of Tub Spouts for you to choose from.

Strainers & Grids

We carry a large selection of strainers & grids


We carry a large selection of seats to choose from

Pressure Tanks

We carry a large selection of pressure tanks

Integral Stops

We carry many different types of integral stops

Toilet Flush Valves

We have a large selection of toilet flush valves to choose from.

Toilet Fill Valves

We have the toilet fill valves to fix your toilet.

We Carry Over 100,000 Plumbing Parts in Stock.

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